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Boute Xavier

Off campus Leadership Seminar 2016


In collaboration with


Saint-Cyr fondation continue (SCYFCO) 

Les Ecoles de Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan  ,  

and le  Centre d'Etudes Stratégiques de l'Armée de Terre   


the MBA organizes an off campus leadership seminar.

About this seminar :

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Overview :


This two-day seminar is designed to help you further develop your leadership and decision- making skills. We will focus on processes and strategies when leading a team in unfamiliar environments. Held at the École de Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan, this seminar consists of a variety of decision challenges designed to help participants develop effective strategies through close collaboration with experienced military officers. 

Learning outcomes :


Knowledge of how to lead a team to effectively . . .

Assess and understand decision challenges.
Generate options and alternatives.
Gather useful information to strategically assess options. Take a decision and manage the consequences. 


Key topics :


Topic 1: Decision-making

What is a good decision?
How do effective leaders make good decisions?

Topic 2: Engagement

What is effective engagement?
How do effective leaders engage their teams to achieve high performance?

Topic 3: Trust

What are the challenges and difficulties with trust within a team?
How do effective leaders build, maintain, and rebuild trust within a team? 





When in April 2016 ?

Session 1 :

Beginning :  monday 4th in the afternoon in Jouy

End : During night between 6th an 7th in Jouy

Session 2 :

Beginning : wedneeday 6th in the afternoon in Jouy

End : during nignt between 8th and 9th in Jouy.

You will have your session from the administration as soon as possible.



Presentation 11th Feb

Presentation Mathis Schulte

Presentation Xavier Boute



You have to bring in a little rucksack

Gourde or bottle of water

Sweatshirt + underclothes for 2 days (and night)

Fleece jacket for evening

Rain coat and warrm clothes, gloves  (in case of …)

Toileteries / towel ; travel pillow if you need

Good  sturdy shoes (for your security to prevent ankle sprain), extra socks

Fingerless gloves (optional)

Sleeping Bag


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"Saint-Cyr, I like it! painful but happier, thanks to the guys who organized this experience"
"The best (memories) ever!!!"
"Unforgettable St. Cyr Seminar" 
"Unforgettable days at ST. Cyr. Thank You Guys!!!!"
"The St. Cyr Coetquidan leadership experience was beyond expectations! Great team work Romeo 1 & 2!"
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"I Had an awesome time at Saint-Cyr!"
"I feel like I fell down a flight of stairs, but had a great time at St. Cyr. Thanks to all who made it happen."
"I am ready to do St.Cyr all over again !"
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