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  • January 18th 2006: Chair launch ( photos)
  • July 5th 2006: Lecture on Merger Integration by Bernard Bourigeaud in Trium E-MBA program,
  • September 20th 2006: Debate on Growth and Inegration Management between Bernard Bourigeaud and Bernard Garrette in the EADS Forum on International Partnerships
  • March 20th 2007: Atos origin case discussion in the strategy course of the full time HEC MBA program, with Pierre Dussauge and Bernard Bourigeaud
  • May 16th 2007: EURAM Conference, organized by Pierre Dussauge and Rodolphe Durand (HEC), Thomas Durand (Ecole Centrale Paris) and Maurizio Zollo (Insead)
  • Sponsored by the Atos Origin Chair, the 2007 EURAM (European Academy of Management) conference attracted more than 800 participants who attended 550 research paper presentations. Bernard Bourigeaud was the keynote speaker for the opening ceremony of the conference at the Paris Chamber of Commerce.
  • Link to two articles in HEC Newsletter

Practitioner-oriented publications:

  • The ten commandments on M&As in service industries, Ejecutivos, July 2007 (Bernard Bourigeaud and Bernard Garrette) (scanner + lien)
  • In preparation: Myths and Truths on Private Equity, fall 2007 (Bernard Bourigeaud, Bernard Garrette, Oliver Gottschalg)

Case writing

  • Atos Origin case studies (Bernard Garrette): link to pdf
    In a decade of conquests, Atos Origin , has become a European leader in IT services thanks to an impressive series of mergers, acquisitions and alliances. The case discusses Atos origin’s growth strategy and the issues it raises in terms of value creation, post-merger integration and alliance management.

Book project:

  • Strategor 2008, (edited by Bernard Garrette, Pierre Dussauge and Rodolphe Durand)

Strategor is the leading Strategy textbook in France with more than 30,000 copies sold over four editions. It has been translated in various languages including Spanish, Portuguese, Polish. We are currently preparing the fifth edition which will be revised in depth and published both in French and English

Research projects:

  • Scale alliance formation in the aircraft industry (Bernard Garrette, Pierre Dussauge, Xavier Castañer) paper
  • Performance impact of scale alliances (Bernard Garrette, Pierre Dussauge, Xavier Castañer) paper
  • Merging supplier portfolios in alliances: leveraging relational rents or indulging in bad habits? (Frederic Dalsace, Bernard Garrette) paper
  • European Barometer of Mergers and Acquisitions (Xavier Castañer)
  • Performance impact of management team integration (Oliver Gottschalg, Nils Plambeck)