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Research Partnerships


Since 1999, the HEC-INSEAD Buyout Research Group has been collecting data on buyout investments and investors through various ways from target (or “portfolio”) companies, buyout firms (or “General Partners”), and institutional investors (“Limited Partners”) in Buyout Funds. Thanks to the participation of a number of members of the “Buyout Community” and co-operations with Industry Associations, Academics and Industry Research Firms in several countries, we were able to compose the HEC-INSEAD Buyout Database. As many of our research partners have chosen to remain anonymous, we would like to extend our deep gratitude to all of them at this point. Only through their collaboration, trust and support for our research efforts, has the realization of this project been possible.

Our extensive data gathering efforts also required (and continue to require) substantial resources, such as funding for research assistant labor and travel. We would like to gratefully acknowledge the financial support from the R&D Department at INSEAD, the HEC Foundation, the Wharton-INSEAD Alliance for Global R&D, the INSEAD Gesellschaft Scholarship, the INSEAD-PwC Research Initiative on High Performance Organizations, the Atos-Origin Chair on Growth strategies and integration management at HEC, Clayton Dubilier and Rice, Feri Institutional Advisors, Alpinvest Partners and other supporters who have chosen to remain anonymous.


An Invitation to Participate in the INSEAD Buyout Research Initiative

The creation of the HEC-INSEAD Buyout Database has only been possible through the joint efforts of HEC/INSEAD and a number of research partners from the Buyout Community. The HEC-INSEAD Buyout Research Group is dedicated to continuously expand and update this database, to always be able to provide the Buyout Community with the most accurate information of buyout investment activity and performance. Meeting this objective requires an industry-wide effort to gather the necessary data on buyout investments and their performance and we rely on further support from the community of practitioners working for buyout funds, portfolio companies and limited partners. Therefore we would like to invite you to join our research initiative. Unless otherwise desired, participation is completely confidential to all other Research Partners and the external community. We are able to practically and legally meet all your requirements of data confidentiality. Research Partners have preliminary and privileged access to research findings and receive a free and confidential benchmark analysis of their investments.

If you are interested in learning more about this option, please use the contact form and we will get back to you with additional information.