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Forthcoming Research Seminars



 Economics and Decision Sciences Department


Tuesday November 30


Raman Uppal, London Business School, "Asset Prices with Heterogeneity in Preferences and Beliefs"

Location : HEC Paris Jouy-en-Josas, Room H205

X-HEC Seminar in Economic Theory


Thursday December 16 (Exceptionnally 2 seminars)


Bruno Strulovici, Northwestern University, "Renegotiation-Proof Contracts with Moral Hazard and Persistent Private Information"


Nicolas Klein, Bonn Universtiy, "The importance of being Honest"

Location : Polytechnique, Economics Department Library (Ground Floor)



Thursday December 2


Toshimasa Maruta, Nihon University, "Stochastically Stable States in n-person Binary Coordination Games"

Location : Polytechnique, Economics Department Library (Ground Floor)



Tuesday November 2


Federico Echenique (CalTech) "Aggregate Matchings"

Location : Polytechnique, Economics Department Library (Ground Floor)


X-HEC Seminar : 





Latest Published Papers




  • F. Bilbiie , Nonseparable preferences, fiscal policy puzzles and inferior goods”, Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking, mars-avril 2009, vol. 41, n° 2-3, pp. 443-450.


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Forthcoming papers :


  • A. Chakrabortya, A. Citanna, M. Ostrovskyc, «Two-sided matching with interdependent values» – forthcoming, Journal of Economic Theory.


  • I. Gilboa , O. Lieberman, D. Schmeidler, “ A Similarity-Based Approach to Prediction” – forthcoming, The Journal of Econometrics.


  • I. Gilboa, O. Lieberman, D. Schmeidler, «On the Definition of Objective Probabilities by Empirical Similarity» - forthcoming, Synthese.


  • H. van Ditmarsch, B. Hill , O. Majer, «Logic of change, change of logic» - forthcoming, Synthese, pp. 1-18.   


  • G. Puccetti, M. Scarsini, «Multivariate comonotonicity» - forthcoming, Journal of Multivariate Analysis.


  • T. Tomala , «Perfect communication equilibria in repeated games with imperfect monitoring» - forthcoming, Games and Economic Behavior.


  • E. Solan, N. Vieille, «Computing uniformaly optimal strategies in two-player stochastic games» - forthcoming, Economic Theory.