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Gauthier Valérie

Valerie Gauthier, Associate Dean of the HEC MBA Program

 Educated in France and the United States, Valerie Gauthier pursued graduate-level research into individual learning processes and the development of cross-cultural relationships. Her academic background in psychology and literature established a solid foundation for her future in management education. 


Valerie was elected Associate Dean of the HEC MBA Program in 2002 (re-elected in 2006), and she has since redesigned the MBA curriculum, with a view toward future societal and educational shifts. Under her mandate, the program has undergone a fundamental transformation that has placed the concept of "savoir relier," or relational intelligence, at the very core of its participants' personal and professional development.


In order to place the HEC MBA at the forefront of innovative management education, Valerie has instituted several pioneering initiatives. For example, since 2005, the HEC MBA has implemented a strong partnership with Apple that serves to enhance participants' management skills through the integration of the "podcast solution." Students further develop their capacity for positive management by participating in an experiential learning process that trains them to adopt and implement high ethical standards. The program's emphasis on leadership is reflected in the Visions of Leadership cycle of seminars that brings CEOs, entrepreneurs, and leadership specialists to the HEC campus to share their experiences and insights with MBA participants.


Valerie's personal vision of leadership encompasses a global perspective on women in business. As part of her continuing efforts to further integrate women into the HEC MBA Program, she strongly supported the creation of HEC Women in Leadership. 


Please click on the following link for further information on Valerie's background: CV. pdf file


Education and Professional Experience: 

  • Professor, Intercultural Management and Communication
  • Associate Dean, HEC MBA
  • PhD, Comparative Literature, Paris Sorbonne
  • M.A., English, University of Oklahoma
  • B.A., Modern Literature, Paris Sorbonne
  • B.S., Psychology, Paris V