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Courses / Teaching Material Developed


A course on Management Buyouts for the TRIUM Global EMBA Programme was taught for the first time in the Paris Module of TRIUM in July 2012. The course has now found its way into the core curriculum of the program and will be regularly held in January from 2014 onwards.


A core course on “Venture Financing” has been developed for TRIUM and taught for the first time in the Paris Module of TRIUM in July, 2013. Participant response to the course was strong and it was one of the most highly evaluated standalone courses of the year.


In the fall semester 2011/2012, the following courses with a focus on PE and a direct involvement of members of PE Observatory started to be taught:


HEC MBA Programme 

•          18-hour Elective Management Buyouts, Oliver Gottschalg


HEC Grânde École Masters of Science Programme 

•          24-hour Elective Management Buyouts (CEMS), Cyrille Chevrillon & Oliver Gottschalg 

•          20-hour Elective Private Equity Strategies (MS SM), Cyrille Chevrillon  & Oliver Gottschalg



PE Club


Mission: To increase awareness about HEC in the PE / VC sector. To be the place where students interested in private equity and HEC alumni in private equity looking for new talent, come together. To inform and support students, aspiring to work in the PE/VC sector develop their knowledge & skills.


Top 3 projects undertaken in 2013:


·      Mentoring for PE/VC Competitions

·      PE/VC Alumni networking event

·      Industry Information Seminar


How to Get involved (HEC Students Only): - Sign up on CampusGroups: HEC (MBA) Private Equity and VC Group