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Published  and fothcoming  papers
Zero-sum Revision Games (with F. Gensbittel, J. Renault and T. Tomala), Games and Economic Behavior, forthcoming.
A model of Trading in the Art Market (with C. Spaenjers), The American Economic Review, (2018) 108 (3) 744-774..
Belief-free Price Formation (with J. Hörner and T. Tomala)  Journal of Financial Economics, (2018), 127 (2) 342-365.
No-Trade in Second-Price Auction with Entry Costs and Secret Reserve Prices (with C. Spaenjers), Economic Letters, (2017), 142-144.
Risk Attitude, Beliefs Updating and the Information Content of Trades: An Experiment (with C. Bisière and J.P. Décamps)  Managment Science, (2015), 61,1378-1397.
Credit Rating Industry: a Helicopter Tour of Stylized Facts and Recent Theories (with D-S. Jeaon) International Journal of Industrial Organization, 31 (2013) 643-651.
Asynchronicity and Coordination in Common and Opposing Interest Games (with R. Calcagno,  Y.Kamada and T. Sugaya) Theoretical Economics, (2014) 9 (2) 409–434.
Belief free equilibria in games with incomplete information: Characterization and Existence (with J. Hörner and T. Tomala) Journal of Economic Theory, (2011), 146, 1770-1795.
Myopia and Monetary Equilibria, (with H. Polemarchakis). Journal of Mathematical Economics (2010) , 46 (5) 925-936.
Belief Free Equilibria in Games of Incomplete Information (with J. Hörner). Econometrica (2009)  77 (2) 453-487.  supplement


" Equity or Cash? The signal sent by the way you pay" ( with Uli hege, Marie E. Sushka, Myron B. Slovin), Harvard Business RevIew, May 2009.

Equity and Cash in Intercorporate Asset Sales: Theory and Evidence (with U. Hege, M. Slovin and M.Sushka).  The Review of Financial Studies (2009) 22 (2) 681-714.
Bid-Ask Price Competition with Asymmetric Information between Market Makers (with R. Calcagno).  Review of Economic Studies (2006) 73, 329–355.
A Note on Risk Aversion and Herd Behavior in Financial Markets (with J.P. Decamps).  The GENEVA Papers on Risk and Insurance Theory (2006)  Vol 31.
Informational Cascades with Endogenous Price: the Role of Risk Aversion (with J.P. Decamps).Journal of Mathematical Economics (2006) 42 , 109–120.
Retaliatory Equilibria in a Japanese Ascending Auction for Multiple Objects (with G. L. Albano, F. Germano) The Review of Economic Design (2006) 10, 1-8
Ascending Auctions for Multiple Objects: The Case for the Japanese Design  (with G. L. Albano, F. Germano), Economic Theory (2006) 28 , 331–355
De l'Impact de la Microstructure d'un Marché de Permis de Polluer sur la Politique Environnementale (with M. Germain, V. van Steenberghe)  Annales d'Economie et Statistique,  74 (2004), 177-208. 
A Comparison of Standard Multi-Unit Auctions With Synergies ( with G. L. Albano, F. Germano), Economics Letters, (2001) 71,  55-60.

Working papers


Herding in Equity Crowdfunding (with T. Astebro, M. Fernandez and Nir Vulkan)



Reputation as Natural Barrier to Entry in the Credit Rating Industry (With D-S Jeon)


Preopening and equilibrium selection (with R. Calcagno) 

Infinitely Lived Representative Agent Exchange Economy with Myopia, CORE Discussion Paper, Université Catholique de Louvain, 2000, n° 2000/28.
The Role of Private Equity in Asset Sales ((with U. Hege, M. Slovin and M.Sushka)