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HEC Paris PhD Blocked Seminars

PhD Blocked Seminars in Marketing



Course title: Marketing Management

Instructor: Frank Germann

Date: April 18-22, 2016

Location : HEC Paris



 Course objectives:

The seminar will explore the conceptual and applied dimensions of marketing management. The conceptual goals of the course are to expose students to:

(1)    major areas and works in marketing management,
(2)    understand the anatomy of conceptual and empirical research in marketing management,
(3)    develop research ideas in the domain of marketing management.

An additional goal of the seminar is to expose the students to the methods most commonly used in marketing management research. Specifically, the seminar will cover the basic linear models used in marketing management (fixed-effects regression, 2SLS etc.) and how to estimate these models in STATA. The seminar will also cover how STATA can be used for data management purposes (merging data, creating new variables etc.).   



The seminar will be composed of 5, 4-hour class periods.  Each class period will be devoted to:

(1)    discussing several articles that cover important theories in the marketing management domain. Discussion will be devoted to a) the underlying theory/theories of the article, b) why the article is important, c) good points of the article, d) bad points of the article, and e) research ideas that the article might suggest or engender,
(2) learning how to retrieve and format (e.g., merge) data as well as how to estimate the most commonly used models in marketing management. This part will involve hands-on exercises using STATA.  

For each class period, students will read 3 to 4 articles.  The articles will be a mix of classical, seminal works and more recent works in the assigned areas. 


 Total hours: 20




Associate Professor, Mendoza College of Business
University of Notre-Dame, USA