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HEC Paris PhD Blocked Seminars

PhD Blocked Seminar in Strategy & Management




Course title: Strategy within Markets as Disciplinary Structures

Date : May 17-20, 2016

Location : HEC Paris

Course objectives :

The aim of this seminar is to reflect on the nature of discipline in markets. This collection of articles points to markets as social and cognitive constructions, accomplishments that result in actors stabilizing their conceptions of who is an actor in a market and what should be done to remain so. It is the purpose of this seminar to acquaint participants with some of the issues of market creation and discipline using several lenses, such as status, boundaries, and categories to examine the advantages accruing to those who can countervail the market discipline.
The seminar is also methodological in the sense that it enables you to reflect on defining research questions, positioning your work and identifying gaps in the literature. Individual and also group works make the journey enjoyable.

Duration: 20 hours





  Rodolphe DURAND

Professor of Strategy & Management, HEC paris