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HEC Paris PhD Blocked Seminars

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HEC Paris - Jouy-en-Josas campus:


HEC Paris
1, rue de la Libération
FR-78351 Jouy‐en‐Josas
Phone: + 33 (0)

  • Rooms available on campus (57€/night)
  • Bed sheets and blankets included
  • No towels
  • Payment has to be made upon your arrival on campus

To book a room, fill out the booking form and send it to the Housing Office:


The staff restaurant is only open for lunch – 12:00 until 1.30 pm Monday to Friday. The student restaurant is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner at the following times:

Monday morning to Friday
Breakfast ‐ 7.15am ‐ 9.30am
Lunch ‐ 11.30am ‐ 1.45pm
Dinner ‐ 6.45pm ‐ 8.20pm

Saturday                                                Sunday
Breakfast ‐ 7.45am ‐ 9.30am                 Breakfast ‐ 8.00am ‐ 9.30am           
Lunch ‐ 12 noon ‐ 1.00pm                     Lunch ‐ 12 noon ‐ 1.00pm
Dinner ‐ 6.45pm ‐ 7.30pm                      Dinner ‐ 6.45pm ‐ 7.45pm

K‐fêt (Cafeteria)

Located next to the gymnasium, this cafeteria caters mainly to students and sells hot and cold drinks as well as light meals (sandwiches, salads, pizzas, etc) and amenities (phone cards, washing powder etc). A microwave oven is at your disposal. There are also foosball tables and a television. The room is also used for the infamous fortnightly Thursday night student parties.  


Up the stairs from the “Hall d’honneur”, the library is open at the following times during the academic year:
‐ Monday to Friday: 08:30 am ‐ 10:00 pm
‐ Saturday: 11:00 am ‐ 6:00 pm