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Floriane Janin

Floriane JANIN

Accounting & Management Control Department
1 rue de la Libération, 78350 Jouy-en-Josas, France
Curriculum Vitae [PDF]
I joined HEC's PhD program in 2010-2011.
My dissertation builds on Jean Baudrillard and explores how accounting information can be used as empty and self-referential signs in the media. My aim is to show the information reduction and simplification processes at work in our contemporary society. I investigate that topic in the popular media dealing with sports and football.
My research programme builds on French philosophers and sociologists to explore the diverse challenges our contemporary society is facing, with a critical perspective. I more specifically study the notion of information, thereby mobilizing concepts like knowledge, power, news, and image.
In a co-authored paper, I build on Michel Foucault to investigate the neoliberal rationality underlying the new management of fans in a French professional football club. Exploring the neoliberal governmentality is an important part of my research.