Boute Xavier

Executive Specialized Master – Strategic Business Unit Management Class of 2017 – Cohort 2


I.               Objectives

The aim of this course is to prepare you to use statistical tools in order to make better managerial decisions. Statistical techniques are applied in a variety of management activities: marketing, human resource management, finance, accounting and audit, production.  A great number of practical examples and cases will illustrate this variety.


II.              Content and Overview

·       Descriptives statistics

o   Structure of the data

o   Qualitative variable : statistics and visualisation

o   Central statistics on quantitative variable : mean, median, quartile, decile

o   Dispersion statistics on quantative variable : variance, standard deviation

o   Visualisation on quantitative variable : boxplot, histogram

o   Usual distribution : focus on the normal distribution

·       Estimation

o   Population / sample : rules of a survey

o   Confidence interval for the mean

o   Confidence interval for the proportion

o   Test

·       Z score and standardized variables

o   Simplification of the variables

o   Interpretation of the data

·       Bivariate statistics

o   Correlation : calcul and test

o   Regression : model and intepretation



III.            Preparation

Use of Microsoft excel for the basic operations (sum and charts)

A laptop will be useful, and a small calculator for the exam.

IV.            Evaluation

1h30 individual exam



Use the webslate