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Welcome to the Buyout Research Program


The Private Equity area, and buyouts in particular, have traditionally been characterized by a lack of available information on individual transactions, especially regarding their performance. This has been a serious obstacle to solid and data-driven research in this area.

Since 1999, the HEC-INSEAD Buyout Research Group has conducted a series of research projects with the objective of developing a better understanding of the strategic logic and value creation mechanisms of this investment class. Thanks to Research Partnerships with a number of members of the “Buyout Community” and co-operation with Industry Associations, Academics and Industry Research Firms in several countries, we were able to gather a substantial amount of information on buyout investments and investors. The corresponding databases constitute a quantum leap with respect to the level of detail and the degree of industry coverage of the available information. It currently contains detailed information on over 5500 buyout investments in North America and Europe made by 163 Investors through 311 Funds, starting in 1975.The available information includes performance (IRR and return multiples), deal characteristics, and details about the buyout investors and the acquired company, and thus makes it possible for the first time to conduct analyses on the deal level rather than on the fund level.

The HEC-INSEAD Buyout Research Group will use this data to provide the industry with performance benchmarks for buyout investments according to a number of categories, and to generate additional insights regarding the strategic logic and value creation mechanisms of this investment class.

The web page will provide you with background information regarding the history of our research program, our team of active researchers and “alumni”, available research reports and other publications and future activities.

You will also find links to background on the Harvard Business Review Article and the Report on Private Equity and Leveraged Buyouts performed by Prof. Oliver Gottschalg for the European Parliament (see bar on the left)

 We invite all members of the “Buyout Community” (GPs, LPs and advisors) who share our interest in the value generation mechanisms of buyout investments, to join our research activities. You can learn more about the advantages of your participation in the section Research Partnership.