Gauthier Valérie


Welcome to Valerie Gauthier's personal Web site. The purpose of this site is to offer you greater insight into Valerie's work as Associate Dean of the HEC MBA Program by detailing the personal and professional experiences and interests that inform her decisions on a daily basis.


Since assuming the role of Associate Dean of the HEC MBA Program in 2002, Valerie  has worked to redesign the curriculum with a view toward the future, always keeping societal and educational developments firmly in mind. Under her mandate, the program has shifted its focus to center on the concept of “savoir relier” ™ or relational intelligence. This approach to management training posits listening, communication, and cooperation as the essential components of successful conflict resolution and the pillars of positive leadership. 


The savoir relier approach is based on forming human and cultural connections that enable management to connect with society in a more meaningful way. Savoir relier forms the very core of HEC MBA participants’ personal and professional development and will, consequently, serve as the fil conducteur of this Web site. Please take the time to explore the concept of savoir relier, as it applies to Valerie's own path and to that of the HEC MBA, and take advantage of the opportunities to connect, via the various forums and feeds at your disposal. Thank you for your time, and enjoy your visit!