Gauthier Valérie


At HEC, we believe that leadership can be taught. However, leadership can only be developed through direct experience and action. Consequently, our teaching approach is ACE: Analytical, Critical, and Experiential. It exposes students to leadership roles through projects in group management and asks them to reflect on their experiences. True to our credo at HEC, "Building character through action," hands-on leadership experience is given high priority through field projects, company consulting, group work, leadership conferences, and leadership awards. The HEC MBA Program fosters vision by addressing the following three aspects of leadership:


Over 10 conferences throughout the year to discuss and question leadership practices
with CEOs and other accomplished leaders.


Essay-writing exercises to think about personal leadership style and abilities,
in light of discussions and experience.


Opportunities to test your leadership skills in real-life settings, including club responsibilities,
projects (Apple), real-life cross-disciplinary case studies, and events such as the MBA Tournament and MBA Fair.