Gauthier Valérie


The HEC MBA sets people skills at the very top of the learning chain, as these ultimately set our participants apart, both personally and professionally. We look for changes on the individual, interpersonal, and social levels. Participants enhance their team building capacity not only through their academic group work, but also by participating in the many clubs and associations that HEC has to offer, including the Net Impact Club, the Finance Club, the Marketing Club, and the Consulting Club. MBA participants are also actively involved in the HEC MBA Council .

Individual                                        Interpersonal                                    Social

Analytical Thinking                     Team Building                                    Community Spirit

Comunication                              Group Dynamics                                Ethical Behavior

Leadership                                   Negotiation                                         Impact

Creativity                                       Intuitive intelligence                        Social Responsibility

Self-awareness                           Cross-cultural awareness             Global awareness

Languages                                    Tolerance                                           Understanding