Gauthier Valérie


MBA training is increasingly becoming a business prerequisite; however, the degree itself is far more than the advanced technical skills you will learn from our superb faculty. Earning an MBA at HEC Paris is also a unique opportunity to transform your profile in our multicultural setting, learn to be flexible and adaptable, and build life-long relationships in the heart of the European business community.


Our commitment to forming responsible, ethical leaders is reflected our dedication to the principles of Positive Management. Sustainable management skills are becoming an increasingly prominent feature of the MBA programs of all international business skills. Unlike other programs, the HEC MBA focuses not only on building awareness but also on challenging candidates to take responsible, strategic positions with respect to climate change, the future of the environment, and business practices.


We take a holistic approach that incorporates high-level concepts of social, ethical, and human behavior, as well as the practical skills and decisions involved in resolving energy issues, managing carbon credits, creating new business models, and dealing with the challenges posed by developing trends in the economy. The HEC MBA recognizes that these skills will be critical to all business in the future, particularly in terms of profitability.