Gauthier Valérie


Today’s businesses are looking for executives capable of managing complex situations, fitting into multi-disciplinary departments, and steering multicultural teams. In this climate of high demand and higher expectations, mere technical ability is not enough; the ability to understand and collaborate with others, once considered a plus, has become an indispensable qualification. We will call this quality “savoir-relier,”™ or relational know-how. This skill facilitates the development of relationships between individuals, cultures, and ideas and is a defining characteristic of successful managers.


"Savoir-relier," or relational know-how, is a core competency of successful leaders that enables them to forge connections between diverse people, ideas, and cultures. Our goal at the HEC MBA is to foster leadership development and equip our graduates with the relational intelligence needed to forge the human and cultural connections so central to today's global businesses.


Applying the principle of "savoir-relier" to management training requires going beyond the traditional view of business education as a transmission of theories and techniques. Simply attending seminars and lectures is not enough to build students' relational know-how; they must understand these concepts, reflect on them, and use them in their daily lives. Over the past five years, the HEC MBA program has undergone a dramatic restructuing in order to fully integrate the principles of "savoir-relier" and, thus, become more closely aligned with the shifting demands of international business.

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