Gauthier Valérie

Group Dynamics

One of the key benefits of MBA training is that it allows participants to share their experiences with a pool of talented, motivated individuals from around the world. Our participants are, on average, twenty-nine years old, and they possess approximately 6 years of professional experience. Their academic and professional backgrounds vary widely, and each MBA intake includes representatives from over 55 nationalities, as well as a high percentage of women (compared to most MBA programs), at approximately 30%. Being part of such a diverse community allows MBA participants to enhance their cultural awareness and relational intelligence, as they develop into open-minded managers who can understand and accommodate various perspectives, opinions, and personalities.


Working in small groups of five or six individuals allows participants to develop their relational know-how and capacity for team-building, as the success of each group is determined by the ability of its members to listen to each other, learn from each other, and collaborate efficiently in order to solve problems. Team-building exercises are also a useful means of enabling those who have difficulty opening up to drop their guard. MBA participants must develop the self-knowledge necessary to define themselves, share who they are with others, and accept individual differences before forging personal and professional relationships. Group exercises build self-awareness and relational intelligence by exploring the various thought processes and conversations that compose images of the self and others, thus broaching the subject of what it means to be an individual and a member of a group.