Gauthier Valérie

New Technology

The introduction of new technology will enhance teaching and learning methods, and will provide important transferable communications skills to program participants. As a result, HEC has partnered with Apple to provide every MBA candidate with a customized video iPod, with access to a range of data resources, including recorded lectures (podcasts), tutorials, and course revision materials. The scheme also enables students to review their own work and seminar presentations, and to enhance their communication skills.
Students benefit from the technology in three ways. At the beginning of the program, all MBA participants receive their iPod with pre-recorded information regarding course offerings, faculty members, and the various entrepreneurial clubs they can join. During the course itself, students will be able to download lectures and accompanying notes or tutorials, just hours after they have been delivered live, thus enabling them to review the material covered as many times as they want. They will gain access to library resources, statistical information specifically tailored to their course of study, and RSS feeds enabling them to stay up to date with the latest developments in their chosen field. MBA students will also be able to use their iPods to view recordings of seminars they have attended and presentations that they have given, allowing them to assess their own performance and share their evaluations with others.
Used with existing course materials and tools, downloads on the iPod will provide rich resources to MBA students. They will have access to data in a variety of formats, including video and audio files. It’s also a valuable opportunity to learn how best to use the most modern technologies practically to share information and ideas.
There is a further benefit associated with the introduction of the IPod to the HEC campus. HEC is at the forefront of research into the interaction between technology and business. The development of HEC’s digital campus will provide HEC researchers in this field with a fertile source of information, as they seek to understand the ways in which digital technologies are useful to global enterprise.

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