Gauthier Valérie

Learning Processes

HEC’s innovative curriculum centers around four key learning processes: People Management, Relationship Management, Positive Management, and Creative Management. You will develop People Management skills through the in-depth study of organizational behavior and human resource management, as well as through participation in the Visions of Leadership seminar series and through the career building and coaching provided by HEC staff members.
People Management skills are essential to effective leadership, as they will enable you to assert your management vision. Our emphasis on Relationship Management allows you to master your public speaking, written communication, and interviewing skills. In today’s business world, good communication skills are no longer just a plus, they are vital, and The HEC MBA offers a complete course in public speaking to enable you to communicate with confidence and passion. 
Positive Management encourages you to become responsible for the globe, by developing sustainable management skills. These skills will allow you prioritize social, ethical, and human behavior in your decision making, as well as to make the important decisions involved in resolving energy issues and dealing with future shifts in the economy. Intuitive intelligence, or the capacity to establish creative connections and solve complex problems, has become a core element of the HEC MBA program and is reflected in our commitment to teaching Creative Management.