Gauthier Valérie


Valerie's personal interests and background in translation and poetry are reflected in current programs and initiatives at the HEC MBA. Her research into poetry and translation attuned her to the connections between perception and analysis, between intuition and intellect. These associations apply not only to the study of poetic imagery, but also to the science of management. In fact, intuitive intelligence, or the subconscious capacity to form connections and solve complex problems, is essential to effective management and positive leadership. Valerie elaborates on this concept in her postface to Francis Cholle’s book, L’intelligence intuitive, and she has invited Cholle to discuss his work as a guest lecturer at the HEC MBA. 


A further example of Valerie's cultural interests feeding into her work can be found in the developing partnership between the HEC MBA program and the Fondation Cartier, which supports contemporary art forms through philanthropy and patronage, while increasing public awareness through regular exhibits.