Brian Hill

Methods of Philosophical Analysis



Knowledge plays a central role in both professional and private life, not only as an end in itself, but also as valuable tool for informing our decisions and actions. But what exactly is knowledge? What distinguishes it from simple belief, for example? And how can one acquire knowledge? These and other related questions have been at the centre of much philosophical reflection. This course will investigate some of the main concepts and approaches to the notions of knowledge and belief in contemporary analytical philosophy. Not only will it provide an introduction to some of the principal issues in various fields of philosophy which treat, in some way or another, the notions of knowledge or belief, but it will serve as an exercise in rigorous philosophical analysis and thought, using conceptual as well as formal methods. In passing, we shall discuss some relationships with theories of rational choice, cognitive psychology, artificial intelligence and statistics.



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Courses take place on Tuesdays, from 13h to 16h10.