IFAC Major


The Corporate Financial Management (IFAC) major aims at preparing HEC students to positions in financial management, external or internal auditing, management accounting, business analysis, financial analysis and consulting (Financial consulting, management or strategy consulting), or positions in corporate finance (M&A) and transaction services. The major provides the students with the tools and skills to choose and take employment in one of the above positions.


Financial information is at the heart of decision-making processes, both for company management and for external stakeholders and investors. The program aims at preparing the students for:

- Understanding how the financial information produced by companies is prepared, processed, controlled, analyzed and used;

- Defining, measuring and controlling the company’s business performance and its key success factors;

- Controlling and managing risks (Business and IT risk management) and defining proper governance;

- Helping the company to manage its transactions (acquisitions, growth, re-structuring, …).


The major is professionalizing and it offers the students the possibility to prepare and take one out of two Professional certifications:

- The French certified public accounting certification: students can obtain waivers for 5 out of 7 exams of the DSCG (Diplôme Supérieur de Comptabilité et de gestion), which is needed to work and progress further in auditing firms in France (Big 4 and Mazars);

- The North-American CMA (Certified Management Accountant), delivered by the Institute of Management Accountants; this is a very useful certification for a career in financial management, especially in MNEs, both in France and internationally. The Major offers a specific preparation and 5 scholarships for the CMA exams (Part 1 and Part 2).


During Semeter 1, all students follow the same curriculum on campus.

During Semester 2, if you stay at HEC, you will choose between the DSCG Track and the CMA international Track. If you have been selected for the double-degree CEMS-IFAC, you will go on international exchange.


Corporate Financial Management (IFAC) is also a bilingual program where 70% of the courses are offered in English and 30% in French. We encourage you strongly to follow some courses in French in the program, and consider your will to do so as a positive sign of openmindness.