IFAC Major



How to apply



- Major's presentation by Hélène Löning, Program Academic Director  


- Application file 


- Major's contents (course syllabi)




The Academic Director, Head of the program, is in charge of admissions. Selection is based on the examination of application file comprising a CV, a cover letter with your motivation for the Major, your HEC transcript (grades) and letter of reference or evaluation forms by your internship(s) manager(s).

Pre-selected applicants are then invited for an interview.  

Four criteria are taken into consideration:

- the student’s motivation and expected contribution to the Major (and if relevant to the CEMS program),

- his/her academic profile,

- his/her personality, 

- his/her previous internships and learning from these first experiences.


Applications are welcome from all HEC Grande Ecole students (L3 prépa and international M.i.M. students). The ability to follow some courses in French is clearly a positive addition to the application, as the Major encourages all students to be bilingual at the end of the year, when entering the jobmarket. French language skills will be briefly assessed during the interview. 


Anyone thinking of taking the Corporate Financial Management (IFAC) Major must be comfortable with figures and willing to work hard! Successful applicants will be open-minded and keen to achieve a comprehensive, detailed understanding of the problems faced by the business.


If you are applying for the Double Degree IFAC-CEMS, you will need to fill the same application file, as well as the specific sections regarding the CEMS (motivation and ranking of preferred destinations). In this case, the interview will be a joint interview with the IFAC Academic Director and the Head of HEC International office.

Following the interview, you may:

- be accepted for the Double Degree and one of your destinations will be offered to you;

- not accepted for the Double degree, but accepted in the Corporate Financial Management (IFAC) Major; in this case, you will not make a second round choice for M2 Majors, and you will join the Corporate Financial Management Major for a full final year;

- not accepted for the DD neither for Corporate Financial Management (IFAC) Major; in this case, you will need to make a second round choice for another Major.