Lovo Stefano

Financial Markets

This course will introduce you to the valuation of financial contracts and the markets in which they trade.  You will learn how to value stocks, bonds, forwards, futures, and options.

Pre requirement : Student attending this course should be acquainted with the content of the Introductory Finance course: time value of money; capital budgeting; portfolio theory; CAPM.

Course Materials : Students will be provided with a reader with exercises that will complement the lectures and copies of the lecture slides.

Reference Books : (with HEC Library call numbers)

  • Finance by Bodie & Merton available in English & French (BOD-5), and
  • Investments by Bodie, Kane & Marcus available in English (BOD-5-712).

Class Materials 

Syllabus and Schedule (Monday-Wednesday, Tuesday- Thursday) 



Slides                                                                          Problem sets                         Quiz

Slides on Stocks                                                          PS 1 with answers                Quiz 1
Slides on Bonds                                                          PS 2 with answers                 Quiz 2
Slides on Forward and Futures                                   PS 3 with answers                 Quiz 3
Slides on Options  (Part  1)  (Part 2)                           PS 4 with answers                 Quiz 4   

                                                                                     Past Exam                            Quiz 5