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Brian Hill



Published or forthcoming articles in refereed journals

  • An Analytic Calculus for the Intuitionistic Logic of Proofs, Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic, forthcoming (with F. Poggiolesi).
  • Climate Change Assessments: Confidence, Probability and Decision, Philosophy of Science 84 (3): 500-522, July 2017 (with R. Bradley, C. Helgeson) (pdf; link).
  • Robust Social Decisions, American Economic Review, 106(9): 2407-25, 2016 (with E. Danan, T. Gajdos, J-M. Tallon) (pdf; link).
  • Incomplete Preferences and Confidence, Journal of Mathematical Economics, 65: 83-103, 2016 (pdf; link).
  • Representation Theorems and the Semantics of Decision-theoretic Concepts, Journal of Economic Methodology, 22 (3): 292-311, 2015 (with M. Cozic) (link).
  • Common knowledge: a finitary calculus with a syntactic cut-elimination procedure, Logique et Analyse, 230: 279-306, 2015 (with F. Poggiolesi) (link).
  • Confidence and Decision, Games and Economic Behavior, 82: 675–692, November 2013, (pdf; link).
  • Awareness and Equilibrium, Synthese, 190(5): 851-869, March 2013 (link). 

  • Confidence in Preferences, Social Choice and Welfare39(2): 273-302, July 2012 (link).

  • Defending the Ramsey Test: What is wrong with Preservation?, Mind121: 131-146, January 2012.
  • An additively separable representation in the Savage framework. Journal of Economic Theory, 145(5): 2044-2054, September 2010 (link).
  • Awareness Dynamics. Journal of Philosophical Logic, 39(2):113-137, April 2010 (link).
  • A contraction-free and cut-free sequent calculus for propositional dynamic logic. Studia Logica, 94(1):47-72, February 2010 (link) (with F. Poggiolesi).
  • Le problème dynamique de l'induction. Dialogue, 48(4):701-715, December 2009, (link).
  • Living without state-independence of utilities. Theory and Decision, 67(4):405-432, October 2009 (link).
  • When is there state-independence? Journal of Economic Theory, 144(3):1119-1134, May 2009 (link).
  • Towards a "sophisticated”s model of belief dynamics. Part II : Belief Revision. Studia Logica, 89(3):291-323, August 2008 (link).
  • Towards a "sophisticated” model of belief dynamics. Part I : The General Framework. Studia Logica, 89(1):81-109, June 2008 (link).


Published or forthcoming articles in refereed conference proceedings

  • Three Analyses of Sour Grapes. Preference Change: Approaches from Philosophy, Economics and Psychology, T. Grüne-Yanoff and S. O. Hansson (eds). Springer, Theory and Decision Library A, Dordrecht, 2009 (link).
  • Logicality: from a local point of view, Yeditepe'de FelsefeYearbook 6, 2007.
  • Realistic' Belief Dynamics, Logica Yearbook 2006, Filosofia, Prague , 2007.
  • The Logic of Awareness Change, Proceedings of ILCLI International Worskop on Logic and Philosophy of Knowledge, Communication and Action. University of the Basque Country Press, 2007.