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Tristan Tomala


Published (or to appear) papers :

 ''Zero-Sum Revision Games'' joint with Fabien Gensbittel, Stefano Lovo and Jérôme Renault. To appear in Games and Economic Behavior.


"Dynamic Atomic Congestion Games with Seasonal Flows" joint with Marco Scarsini and Marc Schröder.  Operations Research, 2018, 66(2), 327-339.


''Belief-free Price Formation'' joint with Johannes Hörner and Stefano Lovo. Journal of Financial Economics, 2018, 127 (2), 342-365.


''Repeated Games with Public Deterministic Monitoring" joint with Marie Laclau. Journal of Economic Theory, Vol. 169, May 2017, 400-424.


''Approximate Implementation In Markovian  Environments'' joint with Ludovic Renou, Journal of Economic Theory, Vol. 159, Part A, September 2015, 401-442.


''Secure message transmission on directed networks'', joint with Ludovic Renou and Jérôme Renault,  Games and Economic Behavior, May 2014, vol. 85 (1), 1-18.


''Belief-free Communication Equilibria'', Mathematics of Operations Research, November 2013, Vol. 38 (4), 617-637


''Mechanism design and communication networks'' (en coll. avec L. Renou), Theoretical Economics, September 2012, vol. 7 (3), 489-533


''The Efficiency of Selfish Routing in Repeated Congestion Games'' (en coll. avec M. Scarsini), International Journal of Game Theory, August 2012, vol. 41 (3), 651-669.


 ''Communication, correlation and cheap-talk in games with public information'' (en coll. avec Y. Heller et E. Solan), Games and Economic Behavior, January 2012, vol. 74 (1), 222-234.


''General properties of long run supergames'' (en coll. avec J. Renault), Dynamic Games and Applications, June 2011, vol. 1 (2), 319-350.


''Belief-free Equilibria in Games with Incomplete Information: Characterization and Existence'' (en coll. avec J. Hörner et S. Lovo), Journal of Economic Theory, september 2011, vol. 146 (5), 1770-1795.


"Fault Reporting in  Partially Known Networks and Folk Theorems", Operations Research vol. 59 (3), 754-763, 2011.


"Finitely repeated games with semi-standard monitoring", janvier 2011 (en coll. avec P. Contou-Carrère), Journal of Mathematical Economics 47 (2011), pp. 14-21.

«Perfect Communication Equilibria in Repeated Games with Imperfect monitoring», Games and Economic Behavior, novembre 2009, vol. 67, pp. 682-694

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«Repeated proximity games», International Journal of Game Theory, 1998, vol. 27, n° 4, pp. 539-559 (en coll. avec J. Renault).

Book Chapters:
Repeated Games”, with Olivier Gossner, iin Meyers, Robert (Ed.) Encyclopedia of Complexity and Systems Science, Vol LXXX, Springer New York, 2009.

-Théorie des jeux, Introduction à la théorie des jeux répétés, Editions de l'Ecole Polytechnique, 2006 (en coll. avec Rida Laraki, Jérôme Renault). In French.
Chapitre 1: Jeux sous forme normale.
Chapitre 2: Jeux répétés.

Working papers :

''Persuasion with limited communication capacity'' joint with Mael Le Treust

"Interactive Information Design" joint with  Frédéric Koessler and Marie Laclau

"Markov Perfect Equilibria in Stochastic Revision Games'' joint with Stefano Lovo


"Comparison of Ambiguous Experiments" joint with Fabien Gensbittel and Ludovic Renou

«The controlled biased coin problem», Cahier de recherche du CEREMADE, n° 0522/2005 (en coll. avec O. Gossner).