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-- Master of Quantitative Economics and Finance --

Master of Quantitative Economics and Finance


Joint program offered by
  HEC Paris and Ecole Polytechnique



This Master program is linked to the following institutions:


         ►   the Department of Applied Mathematics and
               the Department of Economics at the Ecole


        ►   the Department of Economics and Decision
              Sciences and the Department of Finance at


The Master Program in Quantitative Economics and Finance is open to graduates in Economics and related fields (3-year Bachelor degree or equivalent).

The objective of the program is two-fold:

       - to provide students with a fundamental understanding of the concepts and methods underlying Economics and Finance and prepare them for a career in quantitative or research-oriented jobs, namely academic jobs.

       -  to give students an opportunity to carry out advanced research projects through the second-year program onto a PhD program.

The language of instruction and for examinations is in English. A solid background in Mathematics is a prerequisite.