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Michalski, Tomasz Kamil

Tomasz Michalski - Economics and Decision Sciences Department

Current CV



There are 3 courses that I will teach in Fall 2017:

  • Macroeconomics for Business (L3)
  • Globalization and Financial Markets (MFE)
  • International Macroeconomics (M2)

Contact me: 

Office V114, building V. 

1, rue de la Liberation

F-78351 Jouy-en-Josas CEDEX

Office hours: by appointment


View my research on my SSRN Author page 

Publications in chronological order: 


"Risk-Based Capital Requirements for Banks in International Trade" with Banu Demir and Evren Ors, Review of Financial Studies 30: 3970-4002, 2017. Here is a link to the VOXEU article that summarizes this research.


"Do countries falsify economic data strategically? Some evidence that they might.” with Gilles Stoltz, Review of Economics and Statistics 95: 591-616, 2013. Here is a link to a video where I discuss the problem. Here is a link to a HuffingtonPost entry. 


"Input substitutability, trade costs and location.", Economics Letters 117: 57-59, 2012. Online Appendix


“(Interstate) banking and (interstate) trade: Does real integration follow financial integration?” joint with Evren Ors, Journal of Financial Economics 104: 89-117, 2012. Appendix Tables


"Quality assurance and the home market effect” joint with Ai-Ting Goh, Review of International Economics 20: 237-255, 2012. 


“Should small countries fear deindustrialization?” joint with Ai-Ting Goh, Review of International Economics vol. 18, no.4: 607-617, 2010. 


Working papers / work in progress: 


Banking Integration and International Trade: Evidence from US State exports,” joint with Evren Ors 


Ambiguity vs. risk and international security design”, joint with Brian Hill 


Fundamentals and exchange rate forecastability with macine learning methodswith Chistophe Amat and Gilles Stoltz


"US Financial Integration, Banks’ Industry Exposure, and Manufacturing Sector Growth" with Neslihan Dincbas and Evren Ors


“Multistage production, location and hidden comparative advantage” , joint with Ai-Ting Goh 


“Contract enforcement, international trade and growth”