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Moingeon Bertrand

Corporate and organizational identities


Moingeon, B. and G. Soenen (eds) (2002), Corporate and Organizational Identities : Integrating Strategy, Marketing, Communication, and Organizational Perspectives, London, Routledge.
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"Much food for thought for scholars and practitioners.  A new framework about corporate and organizational identities.  A collection of articles with new ideas about such diverse subjects as brand management, corporate communication, organizational culture, leadership, and change."
Chris Argyris, James Bryant Conant Professor of Education and Organizational Behavior at Harvard Business School and Director at the Monitor Group.
"Clients, employees and shareholders need to have a clear understanding of what a firm stands for, what it does and what it tries to achieve. Identity Management ought to be high on the modern corporate leader’s list of priorities. I find this book highly relevant and very useful in dealing with this multifaceted strategic issue."
Paul Hermelin, CEO Cap Gemini Ernst & Young
"This book demonstrates the broad reach of organizational identity, both as a theoretical perspective and as a management tool.  Moingeon and Soenen have assembled a first rate group of authors, who bring insightful perspectives to bear on difficult conceptual and practical questions.  As a bonus, the editors present their own thoughtful and well-reasoned framework.  This is an important contribution to an emerging field of study."
David A. Whetten, Jack Wheatley Professor of Organizational Behavior, Brigham Young University, Former President of the Academy of Management
"Moingeon and Soenen have successfully addressed the challenge of integrating multiple approaches on identity management. The result is a framework which combines strategy, marketing, communication and organizational theory perspectives. It will have a strong appeal for both researchers and managers."
Bernard Ramanantsoa, Professor and Dean, HEC School of Management, Paris