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Ors Evren

Evren Örs

Associate Professor     
Finance Department, Coordinator
Executive Master in Finance, Academic Director
HEC Paris
78351 Jouy-en-Josas, France
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4th Annual HEC Paris Workshop on "Banking, Finance, Macroecnomics and the Real Economy" to be held on October 21, 2016. Previous editions: 20152014, 2013.
Accepted/Published papers                                                                                                                                      

 "Risk-Based Capital Requirements and International Trade", with Banu Demir and Tomasz Michalski, conditionally accepted by the Review of Financial Studies.  


 “Systemic Risk in Clearing Houses: Evidence from the European Repo Market”, with Charles Boissel, François Derrien, and David Thesmar, accepted by the Journal of Financial Economics.


Performance Gender-Gap: Does Competition Matter?” with Frédéric Palomino and Eloïc Peyrache, Journal of Labor Economics v.31, no.3 (2013, July) 443-499 -- Web Appendix for the paper -- article invited to appear as a column in VoxEU ( 


(Interstate) Banking and (Interstate) Trade: Does Real Integration Follow Financial Integration?” with Tomasz Michalski, Journal of Financial Economics, v.104, no.1 (2012, April) 89-117. (Appendix Tables of the final version).

The Competitive Dynamics of Geographic Deregulation in Banking: The Implications for Productive Efficiency”, with Douglas D. Evanoff, Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking, v.40, no.5 (2008, August) 897-930.
Market Regulation and Market Quality: A Microstructure Analysis”, with Gordon J. Alexander, Mark A. Peterson, and Paul J. Seguin, Journal of Corporate Finance, v.10 (2004, 2) 549-574.
The Predictive Power of Implied Volatility: Evidence from 35 Futures Markets”, with Andrew Szakmary, Jin K. Kim and, Wallace N. Davidson, Journal of Banking & Finance, v.27 (2003, November) 2151-2175. 
Bank Performance Around the Introduction of a Section 20 Subsidiary”, with Marcia M. Cornett and Hassan Tehranian, Journal of Finance, v.57 (2002, February) 501-521.
Using Implied Volatility on Options to Measure the Relation Between Asset Returns and Variability”, with Wallace N. Davidson, Jin K. Kim, and Andrew Szakmary, Journal of Banking & Finance, v.25 (2001, July) 1245-1269.
Hedging Corporate Bond Portfolios across the Business Cycle”, with Alan J. Marcus, Journal of Fixed Income, v.5 (1996, March) 56-60. 
Papers under submission or review                                                                                                                     
Working papers                                                                                                                                                               
U.S. Banking Integration and State-Level Exports”, with Tomasz Michalski. 
“US Banking Integration and Interstate Corporate M&As and Divestitures”, with Neslihan Dinçbaş.