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Michael SEGALLA is Professor of Management at HEC Paris in Jouy-en-Josas, France.  He is Franco-American, earned a Masters in Political Science and International Relations and a Ph.D. in Organisational Studies and Labour Relations (University of Iowa).  He taught Management, Human Resource, Organisational Behaviour, and Industrial Relations at McGill University in Montreal, City University of New York in New York City, and was a faculty member of the City University of New York - Cornell University Masters of Science in Industrial Relations.  In 1991 he was awarded a Franco-American Commission for Education Exchange Inter-foundation Grant.  For many years he was the coordinator of the CEMS Organisational Behaviour Inter-Faculty Group.  Some of his key projects and achievements over the past decade include:

  • 2015-2017 - Started the HEC Connected Care Project with funding from Intel and iHealth Labs.  This project equipped HEC EMBA and MBA students with activity and cardiac trackers to examine the impact of activity, sleep, and stress on academic performance.  Scheduled to collect data from participants until June 2017.
  • 2013 - invited to join the Tocqueville Foundation of France to assist in the creation of an International Philanthropy Prize design to encourage university students to make individual and collective contributions to civil society
  • 2012 - certified by the French Comité du secret statistique, for access to the DADS national database
  • 2012 - earned the HEC Paris "Top Ten" Award for research productivity during 2009-2011 period
  • 2012 - interviewed on China Radio International, 10 August 2012, (world-wide transmission) by Zhao Yang, and Robert Costelloe, Broadcast Journalists, China Radio International on the topic of "Brain Drain in the EU"
  • 2012 - awarded the 2012 Luxembourg Awards Human Resources Honour Award
  • 2011 - joined the French LABEX, ECODEC, FCS Paris - Saclay Campus (French research laboratory)
  • 2010 - joined the Board of Directors of the Fondation Maréchal Foch which owns Hopital Foch, the largest private not-for-profit hospital in France
  • 2009 - created the first philanthropy management course at HEC with funding from the Tocqueville - United Way Association and the HEC Foundation
  • 2006 - invited to have his students working on the Best in France project deliver a preliminary report in the French National Assemble organised by the office of Deputy Sebastien Hyuge (Député du Nord - Conseiller Régional)

Recent Articles or Posts


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(Download the original papers with more countries and data)


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