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Welcome to HAPPENINGS: A Year of Culture in Review. Written entirely by HEC students, the contents of the website and its accompanying magazine have been developed in the context of an M1 English module, “Writing for Cultural Affairs.”


For this class, students are required to write reports, reviews, or essays on English-language cultural events and organizations in Paris and beyond.  Exhibitions, films, conferences, concerts, and literary readings are just some of the events that have been covered. Organizations have included galleries, restaurants and shops. In addition to writing, students are encouraged to interview major personalities and key actors in the management of these events and organizations, so as to add expert knowledge and opinions to their own.


The pedagogical goals of this project, which combine classroom activities with the exercise of English in real-life settings, are multiple. They include the improvement of the students’ five essential language skills: writing, reading, speaking, listening and interacting. Additionally, students exercise their ability to articulate an argument and defend their points of view, hone their aesthetic sensibilities, observe arts and cultural management from an all-round perspective, and even develop professional contacts and networks.


The students’ work has exceeded my expectations. As you will see for yourself, the creativity, variety and quality of their reports are remarkable. As such the website and magazine serve as showcases, not only for the students to display their talents, but also for HEC to demonstrate its international outlook and its commitment to arts and culture.

Christopher ROBINSON


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