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Moingeon Bertrand


Foreword : Charles Fombrun
Introduction : Bertrand Moingeon and Guillaume Soenen
Section I : The dynamics of identities
Guillaume Soenen and Bertrand Moingeon ‘The five facets of collective identities: integrating corporate and organizational identity’
Stuart Albert and Edward Adams ‘The Hybrid Identity of Law Firms’
Kevin Rock and Michael Pratt ‘Where do we go from here? predicting identification among dispersed employees’,
Section II : Identities in action
Samia Chreim ‘Reducing dissonance: closing the gap between projected and attributed identity’
Johan van Rekom 'Manifestations in behavior versus perceptions of identity: convergence or not?’
Bernard Kahane and Roland Reitter ‘Narractive Identity: Navigating between "Reality" and "Fiction"’
Section III : Managing identities
Monique Brun ‘Creating a new identity for France Telecom: Beyond a visual exercise?’
Cees B.M. van Riel and Jan-Jelle van Hasselt ‘Conversion of Organizational Identity Research Findings into Actions’
Jean-Noël Kapferer ‘Corporate Brand and Organizational Identity’