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Gilles Stoltz

Business statistics 2017-18



English sections:
    Veronica Cappelli
    Gilles Stoltz   [course coordinator]
    Fan Wang

French sections:
    Jean-Michel Gautier

Course material

Lecture notes
(containing in particular the schedule of the course and the reading assignments)

Statements of elementary exercises
(to be solved at home when reading a new chapter, to be briefly corrected in class)


Correction of exercises by chapter (elementary + advanced ones + exams, if any):
- Chapter 1 (exercises)
- Chapter 2 (elementary ones, advanced ones)
- Chapter 3 (elementary ones, advanced ones, value-of-the-stock exam)
- Chapter 4 (elementary ones, advanced ones)
- Chapter 5 (elementary ones, advanced ones)
Online buying club exam
Quiz #1 of Fall 2016
Chapter 6 (elementary ones, advanced one on comparing supermarkets)
Chapter 6 (other advanced ones)
- Correction of Quiz #1 of Fall 2017: see below 
Chapter 7 (elementary exercises, advanced ones)
- Quiz #2 of Fall 2016
- Social network exam

- Fundraising exam
- Correction of Quiz #2 of Fall 2017: see below 
Chapter 8 (elementary exercises, advanced ones)
- Life expectancy exam
- Tobacco sales exam
- Environmental referendums in Switzerland
- Ski pass prices exam
US elections exam
Exam of December 12, 2017: see below 

Fall 2017 Quizzes and Exam

Quiz #1: correction, distribution of grades in Gilles Stoltz' groups
Quiz #2: correctiondistribution of grades in Gilles Stoltz' groups

Exam of December 12, 2017: correction