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Gilles Stoltz

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English sections:
    Nicolas Chopin
    Gilles Stoltz   [course coordinator]
    Fan Wang

French sections:
    Jean-Michel Gautier

Course material

Lecture notes
    Chapters 1 to 3 / Statistical methodology and confidence intervals
    Chapters 4 and 5 / Methodology for hypothesis testing and one-sample tests
    Chapters 6 and 7 / Two-sample tests and chi-square tests
    Chapter 8 / Simple linear regression
    Chapter 9 / Multiple linear regression

Correction of selected exercises
    Chapters 4 and 5: Exercises 4.3 (customers' dissatisfaction) and 5.1 (governmental reform)
    Chapter 6: Exercise 6.1 (fitness machines) and Exercise 6.2 (prices between two supermarkets)
    Chapter 7: Exercises 7.2 (hair color by gender) and 7.4 (Mendel's experiment)
    Past exam: launching an online buying club

    Chapter 8: Exercise 8.3 (some French politics / demonstrations)

    Past exam: modeling tobacco sales
    Past exam: Swiss referendums

    Correction for Quiz 1 (with grade distribution for Gilles Stoltz' students)

    Correction for Quiz 2 (with grade distribution for Gilles Stoltz' students)

Mid-term feedback
    Feedback form on the course
    Summary of the feedback thus obtained

Lab session
    SPSS data set


Final exam

    Correction and grading scheme
    Grades (in the groups of Gilles Stoltz)